About me

A little bit of history about myself, my passion for photography and nature and my inspirations











Photograph by Jerry am Ende


Antonio’s photographs are distinguished by capturing the essence of the subjects being portrayed with carefully crafted composition and harmony between all elements.

His photographs are a mixture of colors, textures, shapes and patterns, masterfully selected and composed to create incredible images of nature, from magnificent landscapes to stunning macro photographs.

Antonio Cortada is an award-winning photographer, with more than 20 years of experience. Although Antonio Cortada earned a BA and MA in mechanical engineering, his true passion has always been photography. He began his journey in the art early in his childhood. Self-taught, passionate and curious by nature, he is always looking to improve his skills, discover new techniques and applying them in creating his works.


Two decades of traveling the world in the pursuit of fantastic scenes, his images have captured everything from exotic locations in South America to urban masterpieces in the largest cities around the globe. In addition to his passion for creating breathtaking scenes, he is just as passionate about sharing his knowledge through teaching photography courses, giving lectures and hosting seminars.


Photography is, in my opinion, one of the most fascinating forms of art because it allows me to capture incredible places, people and cultures and share my experiences around the world. It is also an art that is constantly evolving, pleasing my always curious mind. It requires constant learning of new techniques, equipment and software which provides endless opportunities to improve my work.

However, photography is much more than a simple combination of techniques with good equipment; it is an art that is characterized by a constant search of light and subject and arranging them in a great composition. Arnold Newman, whose “environmental portraits” of artists and politicians revealed their souls through evocative settings and lighting once said that we don’t capture images with our cameras, but with our hearts. Ansel Adams, one of the greatest landscape photographers that ever lived also said, “You know, the most important component of a camera is the person behind it”. It can’t be truer than that.

Photography allows me to connect with others and show them what I find truly remarkable and fascinating in the world. With photography, I am able to show people some of the world’s magnificence, uncovering those hidden places and nature’s treasures that most people don’t even realize exist – sometimes only as far as their backyard. Photography is all about learning to see, looking at the world as if it was your first or your last time, awakening your senses, discovering what is around you and capturing the moment in the best way possible, first with you heart and next with your equipment…